Terry vs. Tori

by Terry vs. Tori

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Recorded by Rafael Pachón
Mixed and mastered by Cris Romero at Cherry Sounds

Vocals: Erica Pender and Manuel Jiménez
Guitars: Manuel Jiménez
Bass: Jose Prieto
Drums: Erica Pender

Art by Yoko Honda

Available in digifile format at: discosfup.tictail.com/product/terr-vs-tori-ep


released June 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Terry vs. Tori Sevilla, Spain

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Track Name: Dream Wild
I hope you are waking up, I hope you are waking up forever
Just tell me what you are on
Because this shit is gonna be a blur

Tell me to keep it up, just tell me this aint gonna last long
It's gonna be a mess
It's gonna be whatever you prefer

Dream wild, good times are coming
Dream wild and just keep scoring

It's all good vibes though, it's all good vibes till you are coming my way
It's not okay no, it's not okay till you are heading this way
No don't tell me to stop, I'm just as right as i can be
No don't tell me i'm wrong, I wanna know why you insist
Track Name: Cool It!
I've been faking for so long, I don't know, I'm feeling crazy
I've been aching for so long, I'd cuddle up so gladly
I've been trying too tough, why your mouth tastes like candy?
Am I being too rough? I don't know, i'm feeling clumsy

No don't hurry now, don't be sorry now

You've been bleeding for so long, I don't know you must be crazy
You've been changing for so long, you'd fuck it up so gladly
I've been trying too tough, why your mouth tastes like candy?
Am I being too rough? I don't know, I'm feeling clumsy

No don't hurry now, dont be sorry now
Track Name: Like Always
You smelled like flowers in a rainy day
Why cant everything be like that?
You thought I tripped, baby not a chance
i just did it to make you laugh

In the meantime I wait for you at the stairs
Everyone else just looked the same
I don't know why I thought it would be cool
If we ran away for good

I don't think I wanna hear that
Please don't tell me how I look
You don't really mean that do you?
Why did everything seemed so cool?

You held my hand and said here I am
Did I ever blush so hard?
You knew i wanted it but not like that
I should have really fled to the yard

Why does it always happen like this?
I'm not sure if you would agree
It's just fair to not think about us
I don't care if you were naughty
Track Name: Hit and Miss
Aging cool thinkin about you
I don't know, i just keep rollin
I'm drinkin tonight I don't care

Gently speakin, sparks are on your lips
That's so cool, i just keep rollin
I'm thinkin maybe you wont dare

Blue eyes keep tearin me apart
I do, I just keep fallin
I'm sinkin please save me again

Dark night, lights up in the sky
I don't know, I can't keep rollin
You held my arm, I flew away

What if this is a hit and miss?
What if you just don't care a bit?